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Y ou will enjoy flying to see us at Gentle landings Airpark! e-mail Otha Dent in advance so we can arrange to meet you and show you around?

There are sometimes  Ultralights in the air around the field. The Ultralight pilots have their heads on a "swivel," but aren't real fast getting out of your way due to their low airspeed. You know they sure want to!

Check out the data on our Pilot Information Page.
There are no serious obstruction hazards in our airport airspace... however,
There is a 1,000 ft cellular telephone tower 4 miles northeast of the airport, and a water tank and 145 foot tower at the north end of Gentle Landings Airpark 25, about a quarter mile off the end of the runway.
The cellular tower is
lighted and strobed. The close- in tower and water tank are not!
Gentle Landings is shown on this clip of the ATLANTA SECTIONAL AERONAUTICAL CHART as the little red dot at Roberta, west of MCN.To view the sectional piece you will need to click on the  chart at right -

Our  GPS coordinates are 32  42'  81"  and    84  01'  66"

About Flying to Gentle Landings

It is a good idea to e-mail Otha Dent for a briefing before flying here to check runway conditions and fuel availability for your aircraft.  We of course would like to know you are coming so we can meet you.

If you have questions about flying in with an Ultralight, or Ultralight flying in our area
e-mail Vince Calhoun.

Although rarely active we do have low-level military helicoptor operations enroute to Fort Benning in the area.