" We're all about a great place to live and fly."

Some of the choicest lots are still available. . .
Since that may not be an option later, you are encouraged
to act as soon as possible.

When your home is complete in Gentle Landings,   you won't be disturbed by through auto traffic, yet you are close to good shopping, supplies, and services. (We have some great building contractors in our area too!)

Airparks, offering living advantages like Gentle Landings are unusual. You are invited to visit us. A building lot here would be a good investment, even if
you don't intend to build immediately.
Nobody really knows about tomorrow, but we do know aviation premises are scarce, and harder  to get approved. 
More information . . .

  Gentle Landings Airpark Subdivison Lot Layout Map .
You won't be able to read the lot numbers unless you click somewhere on the map picture , then it explodes so you can read it.  The lots at the top of sign map, back up to the apron airport area.
From there you can taxi to the main runway. 
You will notice our streets are named appropriately!

Subdivision Lot Page