Roberta and surrounds is just a nice place to live... Sounds like an oversimplification statement, but when you
consider our weather, annual rainfall, abundant ground water, city and county taxes, low crime rate, the ease of
living, plus resident civility and pleasantness you might well agree!  We have a good school system too, and Macon State College is only 20 miles away. In fact we even have a Georgia State Technical Center in Roberta.

Roberta is a small community with a population of 1254 within the City limits. The local cadre of businesses in
Roberta make life easier and convenient with day to day supplies and needs. The cities of Atlanta, Macon, and
Thomaston are within easy driving distance, and offer all there is to have at their various levels of city business
and cultural activity. Atlanta is huge, and of course has everything, takes about and hour and a half to drive there.

For extensive information on Crawford County in which the City of Roberta and
Gentle landings Airpark
are centered, we suggest you visit 
the Roberta Crawford County Chamber of Commerce.

The area of the City of Roberta, and Crawford County in general share a rich and colorful history, well worth
researching for the interest factor in how life was conducted locally and that impact on a wider history.
For example, Joanna Troutman in Crawford County made by hand the first Texas flag here. That's why the
Texas state flag is still flown at the old courthouse in Knoxville even today. Dr Pemberton who invented the original
Coca Cola recipe is generally credited with doing so while in Crawford County operating a pharmacy in Knoxville.
A great place to research information is th
e Crawford County Historical Society. See that website.

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Original things first made in Crawford County!

The Crawford County Courthouse

Texas State Flag.
Original Coke Recipe

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